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Improv Overdrive

Mar 5, 2019

A school sex educator has some unusual methods, a couple in a romantic treehouse starts hearing voices, and we revisit the scene of Jack and Rose's relationship during the Titanic disaster.

Co-hosts Nathan Hartswick & Brian DeLaBruere (The Unmentionables) are joined by improvisers Maggie Phelan (Anxiety Pals) and Jenna Emerson (Boom City). Mike Paternoster is on keyboard. 

Recorded at Vermont Comedy Club, presenting Rhea Butcher on March 7-9 and Sam Morril on March 14-16.


Most weeks you can see improv at VCC on Wed, Thurs and Sun - check the schedule at for details.


Improv Overdrive is a comedy podcast co-hosted by Nathan Hartswick and Brian DeLaBruere. Each week they invite their improviser friends to make up dumb scenes in a dimly-lit room. You're invited, too.

Follow us across the universe at @improvoverdrive.