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Improv Overdrive

Jul 24, 2018

An adult sibling rivalry quickly gets out of hand with the involvement of the police, a mistress with an unusual talent, and a punishment some might say barely fits the crime. 

Co-hosts Nathan Hartswick & Brian DeLaBruere (The Unmentionables) are joined by improvisers Ricky Baker (Gross & Fancy) and Eric Wright (Boom...

Jul 10, 2018

Nathan and Brian welcome Karlie Kauffield (Slinky Says Relax) and Eric Wright (Boom City) for an inaugural episode about intimacy - between boys on camping trips, and strangers in taxicabs. Adam Rabin ( is on keys.


You can see improv at Vermont Comedy Club...

Jul 9, 2018

Co-hosts Nathan Hartswick and Brian DeLaBruere share almost no useful information about their upcoming podcast, Improv Overdrive, such as when it launches (Tues, July 10th) or how frequent it will be (weekly). 

Nathan also interviewed dozens of local comedians for a version of this episode, and due to a technical...